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High Bay Round New2017

The Brief

Key Features
Unique turbine radiator design, increase the heat dissipation area to accelerate the flow of air, heat efficiency increased by 10%
Compact structure, smaller size, the bottom area is reduced more than 28%
Magnesium alloy material, lighter weight, the weight of the same power is lighter 20% than the classic
Light efficiency is higher, the light effect is greater than 150Lm/W
More flexible anti glare design, optional 60 degree 90 degree anti glare lampshade
Waterproof IP65
Available from 80W to 150W
DALI dimming, 3 in one dimmer (1-10V, PWM, Resistor) and microwave sensor control options
Chain, pole, surface mounting options



仓库/Warehouses 冷库/Cold Stores
工业厂房/Industrial Plants 生产线/Production Lines
展馆/Exhibition Halls 民航机库/Aviation Hangars
高铁车站/Railway Station 机场/Airport
货物中心/Cargo Centers 购物中心/Shopping Malls
运动馆/Sports Arenas 停车场/Parking Lots
港口码头/Port Terminals 剧院/Concert Halls
教育设施/Education Facilities 食物生产/Food Production

项目Feature/型号Model RR-HBL-NN80 RR-HBL-NN100 RR-HBL-NN120 RR-HBL-NN150
额定功率/Rated Power 80W 100W 120W 150W
输入电压/Input Voltage 90-305VAC 50/60Hz
功率因数 /Power Factor ≥0.95@220VAC
色温/CCT 4000K,5000K,5700K
光效/Luminous Efficiency@CRI80 145Lm/W±5% 145Lm/W±5% 140Lm/W±5% 140Lm/W±5%
光效/Luminous Efficiency@CRI70 150Lm/W±5% 150Lm/W±5% 145Lm/W±5% 145Lm/W±5%
灯珠类型/LED TYPE Nichia3030, Lumileds3030 etc.
电源品牌/Power Brands Inventronics, Meanwell, Standard etc.
配光角度/Available Beam Angles 60°, 90°, 120°
工作温度/Working Temperature -40℃ ~ +45℃
安装方式/Mounting Options Chain/Hook, Pole, Surface
净重/Weight 2.9Kg 2.9Kg 4.6Kg 4.6Kg
装箱重量/Carton Weight 3.8Kg 3.8Kg 5.5Kg 5.5Kg
产品尺寸/Poduct Size Φ255*172mm Φ255*172mm Φ280*190mm Φ280*190mm
装箱尺寸/Carton Size 368*368*240mm 368*368*240mm 368*368*240mm 368*368*240mm

Installation (Chain, Pole, 180D Bracket, 360D Bracket)... ...


Chain Mount:

Pole Mount:


Surface Mount with 180D Bracket:


Surface Mount with 360D Bracket:

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