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              We support One-Step services for product designning, from Idea -> Designning -> Proto-type -> Sample   confirmation -> Pilo-run -> Mass production and to after-sell services etc. 

  •                LED lighting standard product design
  •                Project support
  •                ODM services

      Our Design Services:
             DomeLighting offers a comprehensive design service to meet the requirements of clients, this service includes a lighting layout drawn up by one of our design team.
            We offer services that include lighting level diagrams, 3d visualisations and 3d walkthroughs. We also offer a bespoke luminaire
            design service. Below you can find some examples of the services we can offer. If you have a project for which you require our services
            or have any general enqueries please email your request to or fill out the form on the contact page.


       Customized Luminaire Design:
            Here at DomeLighting we can offer a customized luminaire design service for our clients.

            We can provide computer generated visualisations to aid in the design process for a specific client and application.



       DomeLighting design and supply Services:
             · Warehouse lighting
             · Factory lighting
             · Exterior lighting
             · Intellengent control lighting
             · High speed toll gate
             · Gas station
             · Customized luminaire specials design and product support

             · Others