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Nichia Wins Patent Lawsuit against Everlight in the Eastern District of Texas

January.28, 2016 - 15:55 — Judy


Nichia announced that the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas has issued a decision holding that Everlight Electronics and Everlight Americas (collectively, “Everlight”) have infringed three Nichia patents. The court upheld patent infringement claims that Nichia filed against Everlight in 2013.

The court’s decision includes a finding that Everlight has infringed Nichia’s Patent No. 8,530,250 (the “’250 Patent”), and rejects Everlight’s assertion that the ‘250 Patent is invalid. The ‘250 Patent covers an innovative process for manufacturing LEDs that Nichia developed in 2008, as well as LED products manufactured according to that process. The Nichia products covered by the ‘250 Patent include Nichia’s 757 and 157 series of products, which are among the most popular LED products on the market today. The Everlight products found to infringe the ‘250 Patent include Everlight’s XI3030, XI3535, 62-217D, 62-257D, and 45-21S series of LED products.

The court also found that Everlight has infringed Nichia’s U.S. Patents No. 7,432,589 and No. 7,462,870. The court denied Everlight’s contentions that these patents are invalid.

A copy of the court’s judgment, and a chart showing the Everlight LED product series found to infringe each of the Nichia patents, are attached.

Nichia has provided a chart of Everlight products that have infringed patents involved in this case. (All images courtesy of Nichia)

The decision was issued by District Judge J. Rodney Gilstrap of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas in Case No. 02:13-cv-702. Nichia filed its lawsuit against Everlight in 2013, and the court held a trial in Marshall, Texas in May 2015. The court issued its decision on January 25, 2016.

For a better view of the judge statement  please visit  Nichia's website.

Nichia seeks to protect its patents and other intellectual property rights and takes actions against alleged infringers in any country where appropriate and necessary.

The following chart identifies, for each of the asserted claims of the Nichia Patents, the Everlight LED product series found to infringe.